Rice Bran Fatty Acid

This fatty acid is extensively used in the production of paper coatings, textiles, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, fruit & vegetable coatings, candles, electric insulation, waterproofing, lubricants, crayons, and various other products. Rice Fatty is distillate and recovered while refining Rice Bran Oil.

Parameters Specification
Colour & Appearance White and semi-solid
Acid Value (mg KOH/gm) 180-185
Saponification Value(mg KOH/ gm) 192 –198
Moisture & Impurities(% wt) 0.2 Max.
Total Fatty Matter(% wt ) 99.5 Max
Other Impurities Free from any mineral acids and other extraneous matter.
Parameters Value
Colour & Appearance White and Semi-Solid
Acid Value (mg KOH/ gm) 180 – 185
Saponification Value (mg KOH/ gm) 192 – 198
Moisture & Impurities (% wt) 0.2 Max
Total Fatty Matter (% wt) 99.5 Max
Other Impurities Free from any mineral acid and other extraneous matter.