This topic is of utmost priority and many kitchens can relate to it with certain phrases that explain their cooking oil habits, procedure, and ingredients. However, before trying anything else, we need to clarify what is a high smoke point oil and how its existence matters and impacts our health.

Now, think about a situation has it ever or often been that you have ever left oil in a frying pan over high heat and found it simmering with smoke? This happens because every type of cooking fat, be it butter, lard, cheese, or cooking oil, has a smoke point in other words a smoke point oil is a temperature at which it stops boiling and starts transmitting out some high smoke signals. If you want to cook well then you must interpret those signs as a crucial element. While cooking with any healthiest oil for frying in India, overheating might cause the oil to burn, forming steam that isn’t a pretty sight to watch. 

As the fat’s smoke point reaches higher, it can be used for many cooking purposes. Usually, heat, water, light, and air are some significant factors that we all must pay our utmost needs to pay full attention to while creating a wise purchase decision. Contrary to this, adding a reused edible oil to the new oil lowers the overall smoke point. This reduces one’s ability to reuse the oil as much as expected. Apart from that, one should also avoid reserving their oil on a stove to avoid the heat from getting undue decay. Storing them in a dark, cool environment is more advisable.

What’s the Impact of a Smoke Point 

To comprehend how smoke points affect food habits, we have to look deep into where our fats are stored and come from and above all their processing method. Traditionally, oils are usually extracted from several nuts and seeds of the vegetable family through mechanical crushing and pressing. Sometimes after an immediate bottling, you’ve got a cold-pressed raw oil, which manages to maintain its natural taste and color. Contrary to this many unrefined kinds of oils are packed with several kinds of minerals, enzymes, and other unnecessary compounds that don’t go well along with the heat and grow to be primarily susceptible to rancidity; these are the healthiest oil for frying is the best fit to drizzling, dressings, and lower-temperature cuisine.

In simple words, for beginners, insufficient levels of acrolein (typically found in burnt oil and smoke) can lead to serious harm like sudden irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat. This can pose a threat to one’s fitness after the 40s or 50s  if they are exposed to the same cooking oil usage on a regular basis.

While oil is heated beyond its actual smoke point, there is still a chance it catches fire and also lead to a sudden molecular breakdown. This will eventually lead to the creation of acrolein, proinflammatory free radicals along with a carcinogenic compound, which proves to be dangerous.

Therefore choosing a cooking oil isn’t enough, you have to be double-sure to ensure your entire family’s health. Because we live in India, Indian cuisines are inconsistent variables, therefore, one cooking oil doesn’t serve the intention. However, the Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil can be the right match for your favorite meals while the properties of the physically refined rice bran oil can keep your meal light and healthy inside out. 

Its therefore an adequate idea to cook with cooking oils that have a good smoke point. Cooking oil with the same aids to reduce the amount of oil that is otherwise corrupted. The rice bran oil gives everyone the versatility to cook according to their taste, be it saute, bake, or even fried. 

While canola oil, vegetable oil, and soybean oil also have a relatively high smoke point oil, these however can turn into more unhealthy oils that are often highly compromised with a process that is exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. 

Usually, the Rice bran oil has a smoke point of 490 degrees Fahrenheit.  Likewise, If oil gets heated beyond its usual smoke point, it will start breaking down one by one, creating newfound compounds that may smell awful or taste bad. Its a benefit that Rice bran oil has a higher smoke point than most of the other vegetable oils, including canola oil (400 degrees Fahrenheit),  peanut oil (450 degrees Fahrenheit), grapeseed oil (390 degrees Fahrenheit), and extra virgin olive oil (325–375 degrees Fahrenheit).

Jeevan Rekha’s Rice Bran Oil and its Properties related to High Smoking Point

A.B Udyog Jeevan Rekha has the answer to every question related to the smoke point! If you go through our previous blog articles then you’ll find a number of exemplary reasons why you should go for this healthiest oil for frying!

Let’s begin with the heart’s health, the high blood cholesterol is a resulting constituent that is causing a lot of intricacies, especially with respect to the various kinds of coronary artery disease. It’s no wonder that a lot of people die every year because of a vital heart condition. To be honest, once your heart becomes the victim of any unrest then the whole bone  & neurotic system gets into dispute, if we open up a little more then, Cancer, Hemorrhagic stroke, Preterm birth, and low birth weight, Depression, Anxiety, etc.

Do you know that Ricebran oil retains some Vitamin E in the forms (Tocopherol and Tocotrienol), which are acting as natural antioxidants and help fight the free radicals that are the dangerous by-products of cellular metabolism that can cause nutritional cells to change into cancerous cells, as it helps to improve the function of neurological balances of endocrine hormones? A sudden change in the smoking point might disturb the whole process.

Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran oil is the healthiest oil for frying despite having high calories and fat components and has the additional ability to control all the weight gain. Owing to its density, the oil is not completely absorbed by the food prepared in it. However, the health advantages and the flavor will still get retained in the food reducing the calorific value of the food.