The word ‘kitchen staple’ has crossed our mind sometimes, but our topic is layered by its potential use with respect to Rice Bran Oil. So basically Rice Bran Oil is a commodity that is eaten in such a routine manner that it becomes an integral part of our diet. Whatever tastes good has a low nutritious value and fast perishable chances. Having a healthy stock at home is genuinely cherishable which would help with keeping the Rice Bran Oil. 

Whenever we speak about cooking oil, the first thing that comes into mind is the ailments that are associated with cardiovascular diseases or obesity for that matter. This has happened because of the advertisements we witness on the television screen but the least talked about thing about cooking oil is the accumulation of the ‘New Indian Kitchen Staple Diet’. 

Why Rice Bran Oil?

Rice Bran is the extract extracted from the husk, known for its high smoke point high in fiber, and its many purposes in cosmetics. Rice bran oil has a considerably high shelf life. Remember that the cooking oil is not as good as the other as we need to consider the aspects that shape the Rice Bran Oil.

After a long and tiring day at work, we tend to open the fridge or grab whatever is there in the kitchen to satisfy our growling stomachs. This what sounds like the least attentive behavior might land the person in serious trouble if the kitchen staple is un-ideal. In the evening we usually crave snacks that can cover up for our temporary hunger. Still, we end up eating a lot more as the ‘Circadian system’ increases the craving for a high-calorie intake during snack time.

We took a dig to discover that the evening snacks fried with healthy edible oil are mostly the result of leftovers radiating from the kitchen and fried food. We are truly so hungry. So, instead of resigning ourselves to raiding the kitchen for whatever leftovers we can find and eating them by the light of the refrigerator.

The Government of India comes in Support of Rice Bran Oil

The central government under the authority of Narendra Modi is doing its best to make the people aware of this cooking oil and also to counter the speeding price of the edible oil! As Indians, we have read from the very first grade that India is quite valuable in the production of paddy & rice counting as the second-largest producer as well as the largest exporter of rice going up to  120 million tons in FY 2020-21. 

The food minister does have a point because the magnanimous production of rice can definitely assist in the production of rice bran cooking oil. This decision will not only enhance the production of this cooking oil in India but will also encourage the qualitative development of healthy oil. Our prime minister strives for ‘Vocal for Local’, and therefore to encourage this notion we must decline the usage of exported oil as much as we can as they not only keep us the gray shade of dependency but also manipulate the price of edible oil, keeping it high as much as they can!

Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil 

A.B Udyog Jeevan Rekha has the answer to every question that a consumer’s curious mind calls for! If you go through our previous blog articles then you’ll find a solid reason as to why you should go for this oil!

Let’s begin with the heart’s health, the high blood cholesterol is a resulting constituent that is causing a lot of intricacies, especially with respect to the various kinds of the coronary artery, and cardiovascular disease, even Obesity. It’s no wonder that a lot of people die every year because of a critical heart condition. To be honest, once your heart becomes the victim of any unrest then the whole bone  & neurotic system gets into dispute, if we open up a little more then,

  • Chronic issues
  • Skin & Hair Health
  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Preterm birth and low birth weight
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Jeevan Rekha is a hundred percent physically refined rice bran oil perfectly suitable for all types of cooking so far. You can go through our website to understand the whereabouts of Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil, with information in regard to our factory, our industrial machinery, and our factory situated at Burdwan, West Bengal. Our focus is a consistency of quality that we try to keep updated in every situation so far. 

Beginning with the acquisition of the Rice Bran cooking Oil to the Distribution of the cooking Oil. The high-quality rice bran is procured in the Eastern part of India. The extraction of the healthy oil is possible through the solvent extraction method in extremely hygienic conditions. Then comes the physical refining of cooking oil as the solvent extraction method with an urge to remove all the little impurities with the state-of-the-art technology which comes more promising.

We are specifically careful about choosing the best sanitization method to regulate a better quality sanitized process that still preserves everything including the taste, aroma, and nutrition. From packaging, the oil containers are delivering it to all over India starting from Kolkata.


Stocking the pantry had turned out to be even more important as the LockDown happened during Covid-19. Stocking what is needful and under the budget is a responsible part of an ideal kitchen pantry staple. As the Covid cases are oscillating to and fro even in the year 2022 the perks of keeping Rice Bran Oil as an ideal pantry element as India has produced the largest tone of Rice Bran Oil even surpassing China or other Asian countries. Although other cooking oils like Sunflower oil, Olive oil, Canon Oil, and Mustard oil have already run the race of kitchen staples, Rice Bran Cooking Oil is more reliant and way more economical.