Cooking oil is often an underexplored topic because it’s so deep, especially in Asian cuisine alone. Asian cooking styles are nothing different from others but they can be consumed in the most healthy way. Some consider vegetable cooking oils as a medium for daily cooking. Many people simply choose any cooking oil and unhealthy ones just for the sole purpose of fast cooking and giving their taste buds a flavourful bonus. 

Did you know that East Asian cuisine was earlier prepared with animal fats and not cooking oils? Those were the times, Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil and other cooking oil were probably uncalled for. Oils for cooking were generally prepared from the fatty parts of animals usually by boiling or heating the fat to soften the same. Slowly transitioning into later centuries the Asians learned to prepare lard out of soybean. This was nothing less than an achievement that has helped multiple Buddhist chefs prepare flavourful dishes to date.

As years progressed, cooking oils paved the way to becoming a staple ingredient in Asian Countries. As a natural ingredient derived organically from sesame, corn, rice bran, and more, it enhanced the flavour of any dish prepared with it.

Talking of Asian cuisine nowadays, cooking oils are used on a much larger scale. With refined rice bran oil popular across the continent, purchasing them in bulk saves a little more than expected.

Several permutation combinations help one choose the best cooking oil that appeals to their taste buds based on their cooking styles and best cooking oil. However, choosing just any cooking oil can cause authentic flavours to be lost somewhere in the crowd. Here’s where understanding the right and healthy cooking oil ensures you do not compromise on preparing dishes with a rich, cultural heritage.

Why Consuming Rice Bran Cooking Oil is Needed

This rice bran oil as you know is extracted from the very outer coating of rice and is rich in natural nutrients that are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. Rice bran oil has a high ignition temperature and is made from chaff (rice husk). It is used for stir-frying and stir-frying. This culinary oil is a good source of MUFA and PUFA, as well as a good source of polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. Furthermore, rice bran oil is high in Vitamin E and antioxidants, making it a much healthier proposition than other cooking oils. The popularity of rice bran oil is due to its numerous health benefits. Furthermore, it is widely used in many Asian countries like China, Japan, India, etc. The fatty acids present in a spoonful of sunflower seed oil are responsible for the increased production of energy in our cells, as they break down into proteins after being ingested. 

Let’s focus on some of the East Asian and South Asian dishes of India 

  1. Tempura

Tempura is regarded as one of Japan’s most valuable contributions to world cuisine. Ever heard of Tonkatsu also known as pork cutlet which is also a popular dish both inside and outside of Japan? Japanese Asian Cusine. A personal favourite is chicken karaage. It’s a traditional Japanese dish. Each of this East Asian cuisine is reliant on deep frying.

  1. Kung Pao Chicken 

Kung pao chicken, one of the most popular Asian foods in America, continues to add flavour to any meal prepared with rice bran oil with a high smoke point. This tasty protein source is boneless, skinless stir-fried chicken breast that goes well with vegetables and nuts.

  1. Pho

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam, and it consists of bone broth, herbs, meat, and rice noodles. This popular East Asian cuisine can be found in Vietnamese restaurants throughout the United States as well as street stalls throughout its native country

  1. Haleem

Haleem is a dish popular in Central Asia. It is a kind of meat stew and is prepared particularly in Hyderabad during the month of Ramadan. It is prepared with meat, ghee, wheat, rice, and much more with Rice Bran Cooking Oil.

  1. Kabuli pulao

Kabuli Pulao commonly known as the crown of Afghan cuisine is a dish eaten by the upper-class families of Afghanistan, Kabul. This traditional Afghan dish is prepared using steamed rice mixed with raisins, almonds, caramelized carrots, and a variety of sweet spices. The word Kabuli is taken from Kabul, the capital city. A large chunk of lamb meat is served alongside a steamed rice platter.

Rice Bran oil is a way ahead to Cook East Asian dishes

To conclude, Rice bran oil is quite advanced in Vitamins because, as a result, it sustains the immune system regularly and is very lofty towards helping a person recharge himself and also implementing the defence mechanism in fighting against all kinds of viruses, flu, etc. The food cooked through this best cooking oil consumes a minimal percentage of oil, lasting up to 20%, this results in a strong lifeline for years.