It is said that “Food is a symbol of love when words fall inadequate”. Food is the evergreen trademark that can hit the appetite and satisfy us to a more extensive reach. India is a land where you can choose among 6,000 popular dishes, so even if food is a subjective matter you will have a mouthful of delicious cuisine. All this sounds very pleasing, and inviting, however, we have to be very selective about the selection of the right kind of edible oil.  It has been figured out through research that the consumption of mustard oil has increased by 5% for the last 40 years. It is a very reliable oil and has its own share of good and bad, likewise, to give it healthy and natural competition. 

Rice Bran Oil has come into existence! According to the schemes of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat,’ the oil aggregates to about 8.5% of the entire production of rice. It’s a very crucial as well as great move to enhance the maximum production of oil, which is not only healthy but very economical!

This concept is nothing new, it was always present in India, but its discovery in the pure form was practiced in recent years. We have witnessed the tragedies and setbacks that both young & elderly people had to go through especially with respect to the heart! Pre-existing cardiovascular as well as respiratory distress affecting the heart. None of us wants to recall those troublesome days & therefore, it’s better to take all those nutritious boons that would help us in the long run. 

We would like to satisfy your curiosity, with a precise analysis about the two kinds of cooking oil, say; mustard oil & rice bran oil.

Mustard Oil:

1. Mustard oil, or Sarson ka Tel, is a very common cooking oil used in every other Indian household. It is preferred for its strong aroma & very high smoke points. Nevertheless, it is suitable for Indian cuisine as they have an affinity towards, using oil for base, sauce & gravy adding to the thickness of the dish. You must be knowing that food cooked with oil for a longer period of time loses its nutritional content. 

2. Even if the youngsters can bear the food made out of this edible oil, it’s equally contrary for the elderly & middle-aged people, the more they consume deep-fried food, prepared with edible oil, the more atrocious their health will turn out to be! However, very few people are health-friendly. They have a long tradition of consuming spicy & taste-bud satisfying food, as a result, they are just not ready to consume fruits, boiled or low-flame cooked food!

3. You will be surprised to know that this oil is utterly banned, in countries like the USA, Europe & Canada, because of the high content of erucic acid. For those of you who are unaware of the term, it is a monounsaturated fatty acid which when consumed at a higher level may impair health. Nowhere, does it verifies that it reduces heart disease by 70%

4. Regular consumption of the oil can also bring about hormonal imbalance causing a sudden weight gain and eruption of rashes and pimples. A lot of people ignore these side effects which further adds to a lifetime of discomfort.

5. It can lead to premature aging. There is no doubt that we Indians are very fond of street food like Paani-poori, Papri chaat, Chinese food, deep-fried food, etc. In the haste of satisfying our appetite, we tend to forget that a person is using the same oil, burnt in high flame again & again. Can you comprehend the danger you are putting yourself into?

Rice Bran Oil:

  1. Among the many cultivated countries, is the small country with a thousand times greater potential, also known as Japan. As you know, Japan has the highest life expectancy, in comparison to any other country. Therefore, you are obligated to listen to their theories which declare that, rice bran oil is the healthiest, edible oil that can be used with almost every culinary dish. Since the Japanese people are concerned about their health, the consumption of oil has increased in the Pandemic days.
  1. It has an intriguing process of production, it is manufactured out of the outer layer of the rice kernel.  It is the gold-reddish cuticle obtained after removal of the husk and a by-product that is obtained during rice milling operation during the polishing of the rice. 
  1. It, fortunately, falls under a notable type of healthy cooking oil. The rising benefits of the oil are making it more and more particular in the market. Just like in Japan, Indian’s too have tried & turned down their toxic habits of unhealthy intake and shifted towards healthy food especially with an inclination towards heart & cholesterol. 
  1. It is beneficial for cardiovascular issues, it can promote a good cholesterol level also called “HDL”, and lowers bad cholesterol also known as LDL. This indifference is the silent killer, attacking the heart before time. As mentioned earlier, mustard oil is quite the contrary if consumed every now and then. 

This healthy edible is quite advanced in Vitamin E because, for this reason, it sustains the immune system regularly and is very lofty towards helping a person recharge oneself also implementing the defense mechanism in fighting against all kinds of viruses, flu, etc.

  1. The food cooked through this oil consumes a minimal percentage of oil, lasting up to 20%, this results in a strong lifeline for years. The food feels & taste’s lighter, the addition towards weight or calorie intake is comparatively less than the above-mentioned oil. The food does not have a sticky effect and does not cause any bad breath for later. The consistency of Oryzanol, the oil, helps in reducing weight, contrary to gaining & causing obesity which is the sole reason for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

After reading this blog, you must be more than clear that rice bran oil is a far better choice when it comes to choosing edible oil. We have many reasons to actually display the potential of this oil through A.B Udyog as we have brought the best kind of oil with two versions, i.e. by using a premium quality processing and is cheaper than mustard oil in every respect.