Rice Bran Oil is the only oil that is built out of three incredibilities. It is the best recommended edible oil in the world and therefore we have chosen Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil to represent the standard and worth of the cooking oil so far. Indian households use an excessive number of edible cooking oil based on several reasons of which most reasons are just subjugated to their personal choices which are far from healthy. However, the Indian Government is constantly doing its very best to educate the Indians about this oil so that the reliance on imported palatable oils should diminish as soon as possible. 

Rice bran cooking oil is not another blend of oil that is used by oil companies. Please remove this misconception from your head. We have gone through a lot of research to prove the fact that rice bran monounsaturated oil is cheaper, healthy, and tasty. As we know that Covid-19 and the new Omicron variant are not something that is going to leave us anytime sooner. Due to this reason alone, the constant threat of lockdown is traumatizing our economy. This reason alone is strong enough to raise the prices of cooking oil in India. 

Rice Bran Oil is economical and we want more and more people to consume this jewel of an oil. Here, in this blog article, we would like to enlighten you with important pieces of information or reasons why you should go for this healthy oil for tasty, healthy, and tasty reasons. 

Rice Bran Oil is Economical 

The government as we said earlier is taking important measures and passing bills to make the oil more and more farmer-friendly. And why not? Rice is a staple diet in India and this oil is obtained by processing the extreme outer layer of the rice called chaff. So it’s economical and can be produced in huge numbers instead of consuming the other refined oils which are more harmful rather than productive; with the chemically oriented nutrient count and anti-cardiovascular diseases. 

Rice bran cooking oil can be cooked at a high frying temperature which makes it dually prosperous. Don’t prevail on the misunderstanding that the cheap price of rice bran monounsaturated oil makes it unreliable for many reasons. No, in fact, these factors depend upon the custom duties, etc. Other than this the soaring business Tycoon Adani Wilmar has taken measures to promote rice bran cooking oil equally making a big-term plan. 

Therefore, with the production of rice bran cooking oil, you are assisting our farmers to produce more and more health-friendly natural oil. In Fact, the industry is looking forward to contributing an amount of 50 lakhs to create the workshop on rice bran production. 

Rice Bran Oil is Tasty

There is no compromise over rice bran cooking oil when it comes to taste as you can prepare almost anything with the help of this edible rice chaff oil. Rice bran oil is dark in color and its color has nothing to do with its taste or the cooking habitat. The oil is heavily versatile and can be used for frying and frying at a high smoke point without killing the taste. The taste is more or less peanut-like with a nutty and more earthy flavor. The less ideal the oil is for frying the shadier it would do. We can provide you with numerous recipes that would assist you if you want to go for this oil. The combination of fatty acid and natural nutrients makes it the best edible oil in the world. It’s a trans-fat-free oil; Likewise similar to other nontropical vegetable oils like canola and olive oil, rice bran cooking oil includes higher ratios of heart-healthy unsaturated fat than harmful saturated fat.

Too many people might agree with the fact that the rice bran healthy oil is tasteless in most aspects but the benefits of it also boasts 29% of the daily value for vitamin-like E which is a fat-soluble vitamin implicated in good immunity function and blood vessels health. Rice bran healthy oil has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties which will reduce the chances of getting swollen feet and inflammation. 

Rice Bran Oil is Healthy

Rice bran healthy oil is drenched with loads of nutritional properties. You should be aware of the fact that the rice bran cooking oil is healthy enough to be regularly consumed by Asians; especially in Japan, every householder uses the rice bran cooking oil in preparing and cooking a meal for themselves. The oil supports healthy blood sugar intake. You should know that Insulin does lower blood sugar by activating sugar in your cells. Similarly, if you end up using other types of edible oils such as mustard oil or refined oil then problems might occur. Researches clarify the fact that coconut oil is bad for diabetics as it has quite a high level of saturated fats. 

The primary purpose of using the rice bran edible oil other than its multiple advantages like low cholesterol level is to prevent foods from clinging to the base of the pan while the dish is utterly hot. Cooking oil like rice bran cooking oil provides a strong fence between the meal and the hot surface beneath it. Depending on the edible oil you choose for cooking, you can ultimately improve the taste of your favorite food which is being cooked. Other than this only organic rice bran cooking oil and secondly the sunflower oil complement each other and are even sufficiently due to the general lack of harmful chemical compounds.

The states like West Bengal, Orissa, Kerala, Assam, Telangana, Andhrapradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, etc. The states get along very well and can indulge in a maximum advantage. At AB Udyog’s Jeevan Rekha rice bran oil is prepared in a very hygienic way as the edible oil undergoes a very spotless and strict process of production in the factory, where the extraction takes place begins from the outer bran of rice grains, otherwise known as the husk or chaff. The most qualitative advantage is that this oil is broadly used with respect to its high smoking point and we make sure that this feature remains throughout the process! We take special extra care about the process under which it is prepared till it reaches the respective houses as ordered.