Children are new to this world, they obviously lack the strong strength of making choices that adults do. Ask yourself, don’t you regret some of the decisions that you made as a child and how they impacted your life in the long run. Food, for example, plays a vital role in shaping children’s development and everything. We find some kids predominantly addicted to chocolates, fried foods, etc. Contrary to that, children who accepted good direction on healthy foods tended to be more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables and nutritious food as adults.

Therefore, guided food advice to children can make them more stout and healthy in the long run. A healthy food habit begins in the presence of edible oil. Now, as kids, we are always stuck between eating whatever and less fattening as the school teacher might say eating food with nutrition is important.

However, whenever we talk about edible we are always concerned with the senior members of the family. It’s a myth to think that the concept of a perfect edible oil is only subjected to the elderly while the kids can have as much edible healthy oil as possible. In fact, this myth has governed the rising cases of disease due to bad food habits.

Cases of Children’s Obesity 

The researchers suggest that Firstly, because the rate of childhood obesity in India has reached epidemic proportions, especially in urban areas, India has the second-highest number of obese children in the world –  14.4 million. And with obesity comes other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and respiratory problems as well! The main reason is an imbalance between calorie intake and energy spent – clearly light and less fattening healthy oils such as rice bran physically refined oil can help by reducing bad fats and cholesterol in your children’s bodies.


Rising cases of Blood pressure and hypertension have touched the sky-reaching up to the 95th percentile. The target range of reaching the level of blood pressure is not consistent as any range of kids can have that and by the time they reach adulthood, they’ll contract more diseases. The Major, reason why this happens is that, in older children, high blood pressure can occur due to the same factors as in adults – weight gain, insufficient nutrition, and lack of exercise.

Heart Problems in Kids and Teenagers

You would not believe it but a number of heart diseases are caused these days.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 17.7 million deaths in India are due to heart-related problems. Although heart problems can be treated it needs critical surgery which can be fatal at times as a medicine, surgery, or other medical procedures. Most tests for heart problems are simple, quick, and not painful. Heart problems are directly connected with weight and cholesterol. Here is when the edible oil comes to the rescue. 

Lipids (fats) that contain cholesterol are called low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) and high-density lipoproteins (HDLs). While LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol can cause plaque to form in the arteries, HDL (‘good’) cholesterol helps to remove cholesterol from the body and makes it harder for plaque to form. 

Important features of Rice Bran oil assist in figuring out the children’s health.

  1. Rice Bran cooking Oil has several components and is considered the most suitable for a number of reasons like it has the most legit fat composition. 
  2. Rice bran cooking oil is immaculate for children who have an intolerance for other edible oil and go through Bulimia and other unsettling issues related to bad digestion.
  3. Rice Bran Cooking Oil has a great smoke or burning point, making it a commendable choice for making excellent for deep frying, pan, or stir-frying.
  4. Another unique property of the rice bran edible oil is that it absorbs less oil and therefore, the slimy feeling of oil won’t actually bother you. Usually, with mustard oil or white oil, we often observe an extra layer of oil disturbingly resisting to let go of our plates and hands leaving a rigid stain.
  5. This less absorbing feature also enhances the taste and potential of the recipe that you would be cooking.
  6. Besides this, the rice bran culinary oil is a good source of antioxidants that can be important for immunity and inner physical strength on pandemic days.
  7. Rice bran cooking oil in comparison to the other oils has a longer shelf life and is completely safe for preparing almost anything.
  8. Rice bran culinary oil is profoundly recommended for curing good cholesterol and removing bad cholesterol which is quite important for the cardiovascular health of children too.
  9. Other than just cooking, If your child has dehydrated skin that’s scratchy and irritating, rice bran oil can function wonders as a moisturizer. Take a small amount of this oil and rub it on a portion of your child’s skin. You can also add a few tablespoons of rice bran oil to the children’s bath. Its antioxidant content makes it quintessential to count the silkiness of your child’s skin.

Healthy Recipes that can be Prepared with Rice Bran Oil for Children’s Growth 

  1. Palak Paneer Rice: Paneer recipe has always attracted one and all so why won’t it attract children. This is a complete meal within itself likewise, it would be equally beneficial for children. Adding Spinach to the fresh basmati rice would be another start for a healthy dish with a combination of vegetables and green spinach to add a dark color to it with garam masala and Pulaou masala. Not forgetting the freshly cut paneer cubes fried in Rice Bran Oil. This recipe can be a perfect lunch as well as a perfect dinner.
  1. Vegetable Cutlets are a smooth appetizer that kids would find extremely delicious. A combination of potatoes, green peas, carrots, and beans can be used to prepare the vegetable cutlet. These spices are lightly combined giving it a moderately spicy flavor. The use of breadcrumbs to fry the upper layer as well as the insides of the recipe would be proficient.
  1. Upma is a traditional breakfast served in restaurants throughout South India.  It can be done by roasting your rava and keeping it in an air-tight container right after the purchase. This will help it stay good longer and prevent it from becoming moldy or spoiled. Roasting the Rava can be properly done with the help of rice bran oil with coconut chutney.
  1. Oily fish nuggets are not only easy to prepare but it is also irresistibly tasty. Fish fillets can be used by cutting them into the size of nuggets. With lemon juice and salt in a bowl whisked with egg, flour, and breadcrumbs. Mildly fry them with rice bran oil for 10 minutes until they turn golden brown in color. It can be served with tomato sauce.

Thus for many reasons, Jeevan Rekha rice bran oil is an ideal cooking oil for children. You can simply make it the first choice if you are health conscious.