Weight gain is a major problem in the contemporary world. It can result from the addition of body liquid, mass, or fat. An increase in body fluid can emerge out of medicines, liquid and salt maintenance, etc. Similarly, this alone can result in reoccurring problems like kidney or cardiovascular breakdown, obesity, heart attack, Type 2 diabetes, Coronary heart disease, Stroke, Gallbladder disease, etc.

These are serious topics that should be dealt with more discretion, but clear explanations behind these recurring diseases are diminishing the measure of actual work in your life. To be honest, people should be more considerate about their health especially after the covid 19 pandemic. Additional precautions should be addressed as 70% of our immune system is directly associated with the digestive system. Due to poor immunity, certain individuals appear to get weak every now and then, in addition to it the ones who were victimized by covid could never be the same as they are destined to stay weak and tired for several months.

Since we are talking about diseases, we cannot deny the fact that food and diseases. Eating junk or unhealthy food is the prominent cause for most of the issues with respect to diseases and chronic ailments!  Therefore, we can safely state that these two are equally connected to one another, likewise, the cooking oil that we use is solemnly connected to our health!

Excessive cooking oil has the effect of adding extra calories to your diet, it’s as simple as that. Oil is fat, and fat contains 9 calories per gram in comparison to protein and carbs which have only 4 calories per gram. Furthermore, when subjected to high temperatures, the oil is said to chemically modify into trans fatty acids and shape chains or mixtures that are harmful to our health.

The Rice Bran Oil

Therefore, we must look for cooking oil that is pure, can be cooked at high temperatures without destroying the taste in particular while also keeping us away from all kinds of sickness & diseases! Here is where the rice bran edible oil falls into an exception. This oil may be high in calories, but it is also a viscosity oil, which means that food soaks up only 20percent of the total of the oil. When less oil is absorbed, the meal retains its flavor and medical benefits.

According to the dietitians, your breakfast should contain at least 25 grams of protein if you want to feel and stay full until lunchtime. Starting the day with carbohydrate-dense food may fill you up rapidly, but if you don’t get enough fat and protein, you’ll likely end up having to eat more during the day.

Set an example with Japan

Among the many cultural countries, a small but powerful country known as Japan has 1000 times the potential of health & wellness. As you may be aware, Japan has the highest life expectancy when compared to other countries. As a result, we must accept their theory that edible oil is the healthiest cooking oil that can be used in almost any recipe. Because the Japanese are concerned about their health & they were quick enough to get rid of the wide flow of the pandemic, they have constantly increased their consumption of oil during the pandemic era. The rice bran oil also prevents sugars from being stored as fats. Because the total caloric intake is lower than that of other vegetable oils, it is the best option if you are concerned about your weight.

Let’s be clear about the diseases which can be eradicated with the consumption of Rice Bran Oil

We have to be very precise about the kind of element of the diet, workout, way of life, and so forth, hormonal, and hereditary factors in differing degrees. If all of them are taken care of then things can be affiliated to a safer tomorrow!

Rice bran oil promotes healthy blood sugar levels by taking care of insulin resistance. Insulin is the key factor that leads to type 2 diabetes and the most surprising fact is that the symptoms are shown long before the problem is detected and the diagnosis can be carried out. Excessive blood sugar can result in long-term damage to the body and will create a lifelong problem. It is therefore this cooking oil that supports the healthy blood sugar level from further damage. This experiment has been carried out in several labs with two sets of people consuming a meal prepared of rice bran oil and the other set had a usual meal and thankfully the first group’s blood sugar level dropped by 15%.

Ever heard of gamma oryzanol? Well, it is a substance that is used for curing cholesterol levels and premature menopause. Anyways, the gamma oryzanol is removed from rice bran oil. It is likewise found in wheat grain and a few products of the soil. Individuals use it as medication. 

Gamma oryzanol is utilized for elevated cholesterol and side effects of menopause and maturing. Gamma oryzanol may decrease cholesterol levels by lessening the retention of cholesterol from food varieties. Gamma oryzanol is additionally regularly advanced for treating menopause, however, it is muddled how it would operate for this utilization. The fraction of edible oil at a level of 1 to 2%, where it serves as a natural antioxidant. Formed by a mixture of ferulic acid esters of sterol and triterpene alcohols.

As per the meals which are to be prepared with the best edible oil according to the dietitians, your breakfast should contain at least 25 grams of protein if you want to feel and stay full until lunchtime. Starting the day with carbohydrate-dense food may fill you up rapidly, but if you don’t get enough fat and protein, you’ll likely end up having to eat more during the day. This will incredibly affect your weight with sincerity. 

Let’s concentrate on some light recipes that you can have to cure unwanted diseases with Rice Bran Oil

Scallion Egg Sandwich

Start your day with a Sandwich, dressed with scallion and egg! You can frequently prepare this egg on toast for breakfast because everyone enjoys it! It’s also cheap and simple to make. If you want to eat it on the go, you can make it a day ahead of time! Refrigerate hard-boiled eggs for a light breakfast or to add to sandwiches or vegetables. It only takes a couple of minutes to boil a few eggs, here’s a foolproof method for consistently producing ideal hard-boiled eggs.

Enjoy this sandwich for breakfast and lunch with sliced hard-boiled eggs, juicy ripe tomatoes, chopped scallions, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. 1 tbsp chopped scallions can be easily fried in rice bran oil with black pepper and salt! Make the sandwiches the night beforehand and wrap them tightly in plastic wrap for a quick and easy breakfast on the go, additionally, this can be served for children’s tiffin.

Keto Egg Wraps

Egg Wraps with no carbohydrates – just eggs with a little salt and pepper cooked in pancake form. Use these in place of conventional tortillas and wraps. Fill up, fold, and roll! |whisk your eggs in a bowl to avoid fussing over evenly dividing the eggs as you pour them into your pans to cook. While whisking all of your egg whites at once is an option, your wraps will most likely vary greatly in size. 

We have to make sure that the vessel that we use to cook these is either well greased or has a non-stick protective layer. Cast iron will work fine as long as the pan is properly hardened!

Shimla Mirch Cheese Stuffing 

Begin by preparing your bell red peppers by cutting them in half lengthwise and removing the inner white membrane and seedlings. Cast aside in a large baking dish, cut side up, while you make the sauce. In a large skillet, heat the cooking oil When the oil is hot, add the onion and cook for 5 minutes to soften. When the sausage meat has softened, add it to the pan and cook when it is no longer red. Remove from heat after stirring in the spinach or any other veggies until it has wilted. Whisk together the eggs, salt, pepper, and half a cup of cheese inside a medium mixing bowl with such a pouring pipe or measuring cup.

Thus, if you are looking for a healthy diet, Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil is the best choice for you.