The process of deep frying involves immersing foods in hot fat, most commonly oil. It is a form of frying and uses the same principles as other forms. The good range of smoking point of the deep-frying oil is between 190 degrees to 250 degrees centigrade, in this temperature range, the food cooks almost instantly and the temperature itself creates a seal that prevents the oil from entering the food. At the same time, the moisture inside the food produces steam which helps to cook food from inside.

Rice bran oil is a type of vegetable oil that has been extracted from the husk (kernel) or the outer layer of rice grains. It can be used for deep frying and for other purposes like salad dressings, sauces, and so on. Rice bran oil has a higher smoking point which is more than two hundred degrees centigrade so it can be called a good deep-frying oil. It can reduce the amount of oil that is absorbed by up to 15-20 percent.

Requirements For A Good Deep Frying Oil

  1. The oil should have a higher smoking point.
  2. Oil should remain stable when overheated to prevent it from reacting with oxygen.
  3. The oil should not contain more amount of saturated fats.
  4. And most importantly the best oil for deep frying should have a mild flavor that doesn’t overpower the flavor of the dish.

What Makes Rice Bran Oil A Good Deep Frying Oil?

  1. Smoking Point – Rice bran oil is extracted by cold-pressing the rice grains and then filtered to remove impurities. The composition of this oil varies depending on the manufacturing process, and it is suitable for cooking because it has a high smoke point which is around 232 degrees centigrade. It has some beneficial nutrient components like oryzanol and tocotrienols which remain unchanged while cooking at a high temperature as well. 
  1. Stability of the Oil – Oxidative stability is one of the most important properties of food oil. It is the ability of an oil to resist oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction in which oxygen and another substance combine, such as when oils are exposed to air or other substances containing oxygen. The oxidative stability of rice bran oil was assessed by measuring its peroxide value and its p-Anisidine value. An increase in the peroxide value and p-Anisidine value indicate that the oil is becoming more oxidized, while a decrease in these values indicates that the oil is becoming less oxidized. Rice bran oil has excellent oxidative stability due to the presence of intrinsic tocopherols and oryzanols which makes it a good deep-frying oil.
  2. The Flavor of the oil – The mild flavor of rice bran oil is due to the low temperature during the processing of this oil. This mild flavor is a healthier cooking alternative to other oils because it has a high smoke point and contains no cholesterol or trans-fat. Rice bran oil is well suited for deep frying because it has a subtle and mild taste that will not overwhelm a dish. Rice bran oil has a mild nutty flavor in it and in the high temperature also it does not overpower the food’s flavor, this particular quality makes it a good choice for deep frying.

How Many Times Rice Bran Oil Can Be Reused for Deep Frying?

It’s recommended to reuse Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil up to three or four times with breaded or battered foods. But for some cases, frying items such as french fries, uncoated fritters, etc. can be re-used eight times or more, depending on how fresh the oil is or if some fresh oil is mixed with the reused oil or not. Reusing fry oil is OK but the hot oil should be cooled after cooking. Any large pieces of batter should be removed if anything remains after it has reached a safe temperature using a utensil.