In India, we use a number of edible oils for cooking and different recipes for different purposes. But what we can’t use is the best oil among all the other competitors. A lot of manufacturers have taken over the process of blending in order to tackle the fast production of Edible oils. Therefore, in a situation such as this, a question ultimately arises as to which edible oil should rule the household of India.


This is not new, although its individual form is new to India, rice bran oil is obtained through an extraction process that is used for high heat cooking. This edible oil is recognized by the Japanese as the most virtuous oil in comparison to oils like Mustard oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, etc. While every oil has its fair share of good and bad in them, the oil stands ahead of them. Remember that this is not just hearsay but the words of eminent researchers that have been carried out every now and then.


The ultimate question is, “how fair is this oil in comparison to everything?” We at AB Udyog Pvt.Ltd strives to pass on the legacy of holistic health to every family of India. We tend to operate and utilize the resources to the best of our advantage. With good governance, we research and authorize the production of quality for a long-lasting efficiency also empowering healthy hearts.


Let’s enlighten you about the advantages of this incredible oil all at once; so that it will be well proved that rice bran oil is good for health.


1. Rising demand after the Pandemic


The pandemic has caused a sudden feeling of trauma that has given us an extra jab to work upon the health and lifestyle of ourselves globally. People who were least considerate about their health and wandered around for unhealthy food and poor unhygienic lifestyle are now taking great pains to reconsider their health.


People who are working in restaurants and takeaways for a long time have been accepting by themselves that rice bran oil is the best choice as they too are looking forward to outgrowing the contamination caused by the pandemic. As we know that poor health & cholesterol is the ultimate factor that can cause atrocious living conditions.


Even the restaurants want to enhance a meal that is similar to homemade food.


2. Home Made Food during the Pandemic


Another essential reason that has scheduled rice bran oil as an ultimate challenger is the need for homemade cooked food. While the world came to a standstill, home-cooked food has surged. The reason being you choose what you ought to eat for a whole week, you choose the best of all and above all your family chooses the fecundity. You know exactly what proportion of fat, sugar, and vitamins you are consuming to get a better hand at this,  rice bran oil is good for health & is full of nutritious benefits. Your obesity, your blood sugar level, everything is under ultimate control. That too a little exercise and a well-defined nutritious food will guarantee success!!


3. The Dangers of Bad Cholesterol


High blood Cholesterol is a resulting factor that is causing a lot of trouble especially with respect to coronary artery disease. It’s no surprise that a lot of people die every year because of a critical heart condition. To be honest, once your heart becomes the victim of any unrest then the entire muscular & nervous system gets into trouble, to be more precise:


  • Cancer
  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Preterm birth and low birth weight if your cholesterol is low during pregnancy.


After learning about these surprising factors, it’s better to return back to the question of


Why rice bran oil is good for health? To be honest it has a direct connection with bad cholesterol. For the ultimate foodies who have a sweet tooth for heavy, spicy, and oily food; we would like you to switch to this oil. A lot of researchers have proved that this extracted edible does a commendable job in reducing the effects of cholesterol. This outcome is the result of a high concentration of Vitamin E in the oil.


4. Food Absorbs Less Oil


Have you ever considered having a look at the heavily fried edible recipes? While in India we have a multitude of such recipes. Be it any state our association with oily recipes is bad for your health, but who cares when special occasions knock on the door. We all get carried away, right? But there is still one way through which we can associate with such foods only if less oil is absorbed in the end. The oil is very light as a result it absorbs most of the oil. To be more precise the rice bran oil consumes almost 20% less oil. The minimal absorption of oil makes it more economical.


5. Oral Health & Antioxidant


Rice bran oil is very strong in the management of oral health or bad breath. A lot of times out of ecstasy we eat to our heart’s delight often forgetting that it might leave a mark of unhygienic remains. The oil due to its lighter taste develops a pulling capacity that extracts all kinds of bad breath from the mouth which could further result in cavity & toothache etc. earlier, Sesame oil was used for this purpose but now the rice bran oil is good for health as well as for oral condition.


Rice bran oil is even productive for transforming the skin’s health as well; the light texture, the anti-oxidant virtues of the oil keep the longevity of flawless skin as well as hair growth in perfect order. First of all, it carries the characteristics of Vitamin E, MInerals & Salt which as a result enhances the microcirculation of the skin & activates blood circulation as well. Other than these, this edible oil is a savior for healing, restructuring, pacifying, cicatrizing, reducing skin’s inflammation & decongesting traits.