What comes to your mind when you think of Kolkata? The very obvious answer is a bucket full of sweets like Sondesh, Roshogolla, Channar Payesh, Mishti Doi, Cham Cham, etc. But these things are very general as Kolkata has a lot more other than just the irresistible sweets for that matter. 

Not everyone is into sweets and docile taste as the chances of getting Diabetes are quite high. But that’s not our topic of concern. We want you to look ahead of sweets in case you are not so fond of them. How about Biryani? While some people might argue that the Biryani of Hyderabad is the most savory and others might boast about Lucknow with the fact that they have the best provided Nawab type Biriyani. 

The Kolkata biryani is one of a kind because it is exceptionally light and has a splendid aromatic taste. The hypnotic aroma of the Bengali biryani recipe with mild spice with just about the right amount would uplift your mind and soul. We are here to discuss the types and toes to describe the amazing recipe of preparing the Biryani with the utmost variation with the help of Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Edible Oil.

But Why Should I Use the Rice Bran Oil 

Rice Bran cooking oil is the most eligible cooking oil in the world and we all know that for various reasons. The various properties of rice bran oil make it the winner; to begin with, the rice bran cooking oil is prepared by extracting the outer layer of the oil rice grain. Who would have thought that the mere byproduct of the rice plant would actually contribute to such a great edible oil which takes care of your heart, blood circulation, blood pressure, and various cardiovascular diseases? There is more to the list in addition to the fact that the Rice Bran cooking Oil is so subtle that it will take care of the voracious Kolkata biryani for that matter. 

Coming back to the topic, let’s go straight to the various ways to prepare the ever so enchanting Biryani Recipe.

In case you come to Kolkata, the only names you are going to hear is the Age-old Biryani style of Aminia’s Kolkata biriyani enhancing the hearts of people since 1945 to Arslan, the new age splendor of South Asian pride. Therefore, let us together explore the rice bran oil recipe.

The Prerequisites for preparing a Kolkata Biryani

Now, you can either prepare it in a Vegetarian or non-vegetarian way. You can either go for a Chicken or  Mutton biryani for that matter. Certain things that are quite commonly added to this Bengali biryani are a big piece of aloo, a boiled egg, and last but not least very juicy meat. Later the amalgamation of rose water and ‘Mughlai Meetha’ will add to the wholesomeness of the recipe. 

Some Things to Keep in Mind Before Moving Ahead with the Biryani Recipe

The preparation time will last for two to three hours. The mode of cooking depends upon how soon you can keep all the prerequisites intact. Don’t go assembling everything in the very last minute of the cooking hour. Then the haste might result in a total waste of everything. Bengali Biryani Recipe can be completely enjoyed either at lunch or during dinner! You can have a whole bunch of family who would actually ravish the food.

The Spice and Corner of Preparing the Cuisine

Let’s go straight to the ingredients that can be accumulated to prepare the recipe. Starting with about 

  1. 1Kg of Basmati Rice, or long Dehradun Rice for that matter
  2. 1Kg or 200G of Chicken 
  3. Use about 4 full-sized potatoes which can be further sliced into four halves. 
  4. Use 3 to 4 full-sized onions.
  5. 2 tsp of Garlic or Garlic paste for that matter
  6. Lemon juice and 
  7. ½ cup of curd
  8. Kashmiri Chili Powder
  9. 3 ½ tbsp of Biryani 
  10. 10 green cardamom
  11. 4 tbsp milk
  12. 5 bay leaves
  13. 2-3 inch cinnamon stick
  14. 8-10 cloves
  15. 10 green cardamom or elaichi 
  16. 1 tsp turmeric powder
  17. 10-12  tbsp of ghee
  18. 1/2 cup of refined rice bran oil
  19. salt(as required)
  20. 6-7 hard-boiled eggs
  21. 50 gms bay leaves

Let’s Head Towards the Preparation 

  1. First, you need two to three full-sized potatoes that can be cut into two parts. Wash them and peel them and further keep them and put them in the pressure cooker. You can add 4 to 5 cups of water according to the size of the potatoes. 
  1. To continue giving it a wholesome touch you must add a sum of salt and turmeric powder over it. 
  1. You need to keep the pressure cooker on high flame and under two whistles apparently.
  2. Let the pressure release automatically and take out the potatoes on some other dish. Once the potatoes have cooled down beautifully then add a half cup of Rice Bran Oil and ghee. That would make an excellent combination. But when you fry it a bit then keep the flame rather medium. Fry them until it gets the golden brown color. 
  3. First, take a pan with 1 tsp of shahi jeera +1 tsp white peppercorn(shah morich)+25 green cardamom (or elaichi or each) +1 & 1/2 mace (or javitri or joitri) +1 &1/2 inch cinnamon stick +1/4 nutmeg or Jaifal +1 tsp kabab chini or allspice +5 cloves and dry roast in a low flame. 
  4. Secondly, Rice is extremely important for preparing the Kolkata biryani. Begin by choosing the best rice which should be super scented and ever so beautiful. Wash it for about 4-5 times and then cook it not more than 80% filled with bay leaves and other related herbs.
  1. The second process is the use of saffron milk which would be eventually followed by the intake of the chicken pieces, gravy, and a little more and less of everything followed by more rice and half fried golden brown onions fried by rice bran edible oil from everywhere and a boiled egg. You won’t need any gravy or raita to have it as an appetizer. 

Bengali Biryani recipe is a special food that has been reigning the cuisines of India for a very long time. This cuisine is an important part of our diversity as well which comes from the Muslims of the subcontinent. But right now, everyone enjoys the multiple spice rice savory dish with enchanting memories to support this cause. Especially in a city like Kolkata, where food is the ultimate concern for a splendid time. However, we prefer the Bengali biryani recipe because it is not as spicy as the other states that would precisely set your abdomen on fire.