It is an additional benefit to love especially if it’s a home-cooked meal. St Valentine’s Day is being celebrated for hundreds of years now like a flame to inspire millions of people who believe in the concept of love. The love-bound recipes are seriously trending a great deal more in this Valentine’s Day fever. We have a great number of multi-cuisine surplus which can be made with the most delectable things ever. However, keeping the cooking oil in mind is of prior importance. If cooking is an art then keeping in mind one’s favorite meal and other value-added habits is the Artist. Therefore, you ought to take special care of your significant other in every possible method like cooking for instance.

Benefits of the Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil 

1. Among the many benefits of rice bran oil the most important ones are this oil is pretty good with benefits such as improving metabolism and the immunity of a person in the very best way possible. 

2. This oil keeps the hair and skin softer, hydrated, long-lasting, and flawless for a longer time. 

3. This cooking oil reduces the possibility of premature aging and menopause symptoms.

4. This oil is essential in feeling lighter thus losing weight with a regular intake of food. 

5. This edible oil reduces the possibility of Cancer.  

6. This kitchen oil is beneficial for cardiovascular problems.

The list can go on, however, we should focus upon the fact how such benefits will empower everyone, especially your significant other in the long run! 

4 Special Recipes For Your Loved One

  1. Tortellini 

It is a total party appetizer or even better Valentine’s Day Appetizer for that matter. Tortellini is an easy recipe and will taste ever so amazing with the addition of the rice bran oil. This recipe is easy to grab, easy to hold with a spoon and forks, and equally easy to serve. 

Ingredients Needed: Tortellini, Broth, Butter, dried basil, garlic, spinach, and a little bit of this and that. The recipe can be enhanced with a personal touch of pretty things that will glam up the garnishing part of the recipe which will keep it from drying out all that easily. 

1. You have to set aside a bowl full of broth and add some cornstarch into it and whisk it as much as possible. Heat the saucepan while boiling and try keeping things together. 

2. This will be followed by adding the tortellini into the solution long enough till it starts floating.

3. Go for a saute, as much as possible. Stir it making it thick and dive it into thin air for two to five minutes. 

4. You can buy any kind of stuffed pasta for the preparation of the Tortellini recipe. You can prepare a low salted chicken broth or a vegetable broth both taste divine if cooked properly. 

2. Burrito Bowl Recipe

Burrito bowl is a special Mexican dish, which can be prepared very well on Valentine’s Day. A few things are quite important for the potential preparation of Mexican food like Mexican rice, refried beans, uncooked salsa, and sour cream, assemble them and then the rice will be cordially divided into 4 equal parts. Likewise, you have to divide all the above-mentioned stuff into four equal parts.

Now is the time to understand this recipe can be exponentially enjoyed with two people together; so it’s best to cook this food with the rice bran oil for a double benefit. Burrito can be either veg or nonvegetarian, the choice is yours to make and here we are referring to the vegetarian dish. Coming back to the recipe the most important stuff of the Burrito lies with the serving essential. 

You ought to decorate the dish in the most enlightening way possible. Take some rice and stuff it to the lower section of the burrito with a spoon. Top it with the fried beans and stuff it over the rice but not as tightly as the rice before that. Next, is the momentum of the sour cream and salsa afterward making a wholesome burrito. Eventually, spread it with the remaining ingredients like the paprika salad on the top. That’s about it and the transparency of the bowl makes it even more delicious.

3. The Black Forest the Cake of You and Me

The name needs no introduction; this has been the favorite good time cake for everyone as we have grown up to be something. The chocolate ingredients and the baking process with the rice bran oil. You need a rich chocolate sponge cake horizontally divided into 2 parts with a lot of things like the cream over the sponge, scattering it properly all over the cake, and eventually keeping the layer covered with chocolate sponge cake. It’s almost done as the next step lies in grating the chocolate and spreading it side by side to the white portion covered. Decorate the top and side area with any desired design and keep it inside the refrigerator for a while and eventually succumb to the most delicious cake that can be enjoyed together!

4. Lasagna

Lasagna is the all-time favorite dish that can be very well consumed on a first date. As a matter of fact, most of the couples discuss this situation! This is quite easy to prepare provided that you have all the things available at your own pace. Arranged atop of pizza-like coating over the structure. Add the green and red capsicum to enhance the flavor. In addition to the tomatoes, oregano, chili flakes, and pizza sauce to complete the recipe. 

We would suggest that no matter what you prepare, do it with the rice bran edible oil. Because Rice Bran Cooking Oil is regarded as the best kind of edible oil in the world. Consumed mostly in the Asian Countries who are especially known for their extremely good health and radiant skin as well as high longevity. So why not follow their lead and aim for a better tomorrow just like that. We can provide a good load of benefits that will assist you people in preparing special dishes.