Rice bran oil is the most preferred edible oil in Asia. Through various research and studies, it has been concluded that Asian countries like India, China, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam have come together to promote the benefits of it. Likewise, why must Indians be overshadowed? Indian brands who are serious health conscious like ourselves, have decided to facilitate it as a part of the global trade.

In India, people have been used to the taste of groundnut, soybean, or sunflower oils. Our oil has the advantage of being cheap and more robust. Although it has not gained popularity among the majority of Indian customers. There are several reasons that facilitate the less-known facts of the best rice bran oil in India. Unlike in the European countries, which produce and promote the usage of olive oil greatly, there is little to no awareness about the edible oil and its tremendous health benefits.

1. Rice, The Staple Diet

Rice is a staple diet that is found throughout all of India. It is often used more profoundly as the basic food in the southern part of India, though, as it’s a more reliable harvest in that region. Most of the Indians even at the grassroots level include rice as their vital part of the meal, with other foods accompanying it. Rice contributes toward meeting the food demand of much of the national population. 

Likewise, it’s better to state from scratch that the production of rice in the paddy fields generates a significant amount of by-products, among which rice bran deserves to captivate meticulous attention. You might wonder why? Likewise, the offshoot or by-product is extraordinarily prosperous in nutrients, since it comprises a wide range of macronutrients, (Macronutrients are nutrients that contains calories or energy which are needed to sustain bodily functions and carry out our regular activities) like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc, other than these the dietary fibers and several bioactive compounds. However, most of the time the rice bran gets regularly misused or might just be used for the creation of low-cost products.

Be it known that the lipidic portion of rice bran contains an unsaponifiable fraction that is loaded with several productive components as Tocopherols, γ-oryzanol, Tocotrienols, and Phytosterols. This lipidic fraction is extracted to obtain the best rice bran oil in India.

2. Extracted from Rice Mills

Rice bran oil is used as a miracle product which is obtained from the factory of Jeevan Rekha, A.B Udyog. As conveyed earlier the rice bran edible oil is part of the extraction of the rice milling process. It is produced as a cuticle of reddish-golden color obtained by thorough polishing of the rice after the removal of the husk ideal for cooking in India. Rice bran is the thinnest part of brown rice and our production is equivalent to the solvent extraction after food-grade hexane; as for your information, the ‘Food-grade Hexane’ is essentially used as a solvent in various kinds of extraction operations.

3. Advantages

Rice bran oil is best suited for people who have a strong urge to upgrade their lifestyle; this oil is predictably the best when used in making several culinary dishes.  Not only does it taste better but additionally it leaves no sensation of any aftertaste. In case if you are a sports enthusiast or a fitness freak then we would say it mixes adequately well in salad dressing recipes and increases the taste of various baked goods as well and has a good nutritional value. This oil also has a nurturing influence in medicinal outbursts. It is used for medicinal wonders for treating chronic ailments like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, heavy alcoholism, etc. It helps in preventing stomach and colon cancer, heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) diseases, and uplifting the immune system a great deal while also increasing the energy and improving sportsmen’s performance and liver function. 

4. Healthy Recipes you cannot miss

As we all know that a tough situation has just passed our lives. To be more precise we mean the consequences of a deadly pandemic, which has not let us remain as we are but has left the deepest mark of unforgettable regret in our lives. We all have lost our dear one’s and therefore it’s time that we vanquish the terror of this deadly pandemic and do something more worthwhile! 

The pandemic from 2020 has given us a special push to take good care of our lifestyle and health. This is just hearsay but a much more significant concept. There is no hiding the fact that the people suffering from cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, low blood pressure & weak immune system are the ones who have suffered the most & majority of them have even died! Therefore, our priority lies with taking care of our health by altering our edible oil & preparing those dishes which are exceptionally well for our immune system and heart. These include a maximum of green vegetables like Broccoli, Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms, Asparagus, Beets, etc along with the leafy and low-calorie recipes directly prepared from Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil. 

We can assure you that the edible oil is much more befitting for India, as well as state-wise Indian recipes for cooking because no matter where you go; from Kashmir to Kanyakumari or from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh you shall find weaknesses in every single county. Meanwhile, cooking at powerful heat, especially with olive oil is a big no-no and often does not break down as easily. 

You see, the food of North India is usually extra spicy with a complex combination of various flavors. Meanwhile, South Indian food is often a mild mix of flavors and with fewer spices used with the undeniable presence of Tamarind & coconut shreds. In every case, Jeevan Rekha is one of the best rice bran oil in India and is the best dilemma for good cooking!