Bengali food has a versatile way of pleasing the foodies throughout India. No matter where or when the term,” Khaddo-Roshik” has been created only for the foodies of the East who keep cultivating their culture for magnanimous recipes that match well the Fish or Chicken recipes or even the vegetarian recipes like paneer er dalna or paneer curry. Therefore today we will be discussing an age-old authentic recipe that shares the same authentic taste that never goes out of irresistibility. 

The Basanti Pulao recipe is cooked with the best edible oil in the world: rice bran cooking oil. Since this country is known for its rich diversity and likewise this recipe has its origins from Shahjahani Zard Pulao of Persia which was later adopted by the Hindu population of the country. Ever since then the rice-based recipe is enjoyed in every festive carnival or occasion. Ever been around the Durga Puja fest in Bengal you will be delighted to enjoy a festive feast.

Preparation of Basanti Pulao with Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil 

Also known as the Mishti Pulao this special recipe is an oil-consuming recipe that needs a potential amount of edible cooking oil to enhance the recipe making it least effective for any indigestion or heartburn etc. Rice bran oil has various potentials that will be much more beneficial than mustard oil. 

Lowers Cholesterol: People with high cholesterol are often told to intake plain cooked food that lowers the chances of bad cholesterol. However, with rice bran oil feast-like food can be relished.

Lowers Blood Pressure: People with high blood pressure are suggested to reduce their weight through the intake of food that keeps them away from the risk of adding salt to their diet.

These are among the many advantages as to why you should choose rice bran oil instead of any other edible oil.

Ingredients to Prepare the Basanti Pulao Recipe 

Basanti pulao is a ghee-laden rice dish that needs just about the following provisions.

  1. 500 g aged gobindo bhog rice, smells divine and is even used for preparing the jaggery-based kheer. The reason is that the plain rice will break away easily and ruin your recipe even before it is prepared.
  2. 100 g Bengali-style ghee or plain ghee rich in quality.
  3. Cooking oil like rice bran oil in particular.
  4. 6 g of finely chopped ginger.
  5. ½ tsp turmeric powder.
  6. 8 pcs of cardamom.
  7. 3 pcs of cinnamon
  8. 8 pcs of cloves
  9. 3 pcs of bay leaves for an enhancing taste
  10. 20 g of salt
  11. 70 g of sugar
  12. 35 g of cashew nuts
  13. 35 g of raisins
  14. At least 6 pcs of green chilies
  15. 1050 g of hot water

The best thing about having this Basanti pulao recipe is that it tastes even better the next day. As long as the flavors fall into equal proportion with rice bran oil the recipe tastes better with almost everything.