In this era of cutthroat competition the recognition of a product, as well as the quality and its execution, has to be of top priority, otherwise, there is no point in going ahead. Likewise, the quality of health is affected by many of such products which are astounding and equally beneficial for every age group. 

However, Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil is recognized as the best edible oil in the world and we want everyone in India to utilize it to its full potential. This statement has been proven quite well by the Asian food Industry. Other than that the WHO or the World Health Organisation also approves the fact that this oil is the healthiest oil in the world for improving serum cholesterol. We have to understand that countries like Japan have a very low mortality rate because of their well-balanced lifestyle and also because they recognize no other oil as sufficient as rice bran oil.

Myths about Rice Bran Oil

In India, however, we are more into taste than focusing on our health and another issue surrounds us all in an eternal girdle of sickness, chronic illness, and whatnot! Both the young and the old are equally affected by the intake of poor cooking oil which usually enhances the taste but diminishes the chances of a longer life! The willingness to try something new is due to the fact that lots of unhealthy things are already circulating in India and to alter something all of a sudden is not that easy. We need to be well aware of things before we actually work upon it full completely.

1. Fancy Oil: Not At All!

To begin with, the rice bran cooking oil is not a fancy oil, and it’s not even something very new. As a matter of fact, Rice bran oil had always existed in the form of a blend, later it was individually recognized as a generous cooking oil which is way better than any of the other cooking oil presented in India now. We consume mustard oil for a long time but you will be surprised to know that Mustard oil is banned in many countries like the United States, Canada, and European countries the potential use of mustard oil is banned for the reason of multiple heart attacks, the problem of uric acid, etc. So you must get the picture that how Indians are willingly letting themselves go. Coming back to the rice bran cooking oil the oil as we are saying existed way before other fancy oil came into existence for real. Rice bran cooking oil is prepared in a very professional way.

2. Extraction of the Rice Bran Oil is a Dirty Process: No Way

Even the government of India is looking forward to enhancing the production of Rice Bran Oil as much as possible. The entire process is carried out in a factory through various crude and solvent extraction process. The rice bran oil is extracted from the hard outer layer of the rice husk. This very part actually makes it possible for the high smoke point-related recipes duly executed. Rice bran is mainly a paddy husk between the husk and makes it favorable for everyone to have it with anti-occidental properties. 

3. Rice Bran Oil is Extra Healthy: On the Contrary 

Rice bran edible oil is anything but healthy. The light-weighted oil is rice bran edible oil. The greater part of the fat in this oil is monounsaturated fat. Monounsaturated fats-additionally called MUFA are by and large thought to be good fats since they can assist with supporting your HDL or “good” cholesterol levels. Specialists or nutritionists in the research of Nutrition and Dietetics intake suggest that you pick food sources with monounsaturated fat rather than soaked fat whenever the situation allows.

4. Rice Bran Oil has Gluton 

This oil doesn’t contain gluten. Rice bran oil ought to be dependable for patients with celiac infection and other gluten-related problems. Rice is a grain, yet not at all like numerous holders of oat, it is without gluten. Indeed, even glutinous rice is without gluten, despite the name. The expression “tacky” portrays the tacky idea of rice. It doesn’t specify gluten. Some of the time rice can come into contact with grain or wheat during reaping or creation. This is called cross-contact. It is particular from cross-defilement, which is a typical specialist in foodborne ailment. 

5. Rice Bran Oil has very less Medicinal Features

Rice grain oil is blessed with extraordinary medical advantages, in examination with other eatable oils accessible today. It is known to be the best of all oils as it contains soaked and unsaturated fats, yet cell reinforcements and nutrients as well. At 160° C of warming, it stays unaffected. It is a low-fat cooking oil that contains gamma oryzanol and Vitamin E that lead to smooth and delicate skin creation. It helps youngsters in numerous ways, especially in the event that they have sensitivities and other medical problems.

6. Rice Bran Oil is not Good for Children: Absolutely Not, its the best for children

Assuming that your youngster is regularly presented with the unforgiving sick impacts of contamination and residue, utilizing rice wheat oil as a sunscreen will forestall his skin from being harmed by overexposure to daylight and unsafe UV beams. This is a direct result of this oil containing oryzanol in great measure which removes any suntan and brightens and eases up the skin. Not only your kids will be alright but they will also be happy with their beautiful skin. The Oil has plentiful in Vitamin E, a strong cancer prevention agent. Its mutagenic properties keep individuals from malignant growth and lift resistance. Rice bran oil can be viable for the younger generation who have low invulnerability or have effectively been determined to have malignant growth.

7. Rice bran oil is very sticky and Oily

It is plentiful in Vitamin E, a strong cell reinforcement. Its mutagenic properties keep individuals from malignant growth and lift insusceptibility. Rice wheat oil can be viable for youngsters who have a low insusceptibility or have effectively been determined to have the disease. Principally, cooking oil is consumable on the grounds that it isn’t tacky, making it a reasonable cooking medium. In addition, the proper measure of fats to a fair extent makes this oil good for the heart. Additionally, its 15-20% less ingestion and prudent value make it an optimal eatable oil.

Rice Bran Oil is a brilliant wellspring of a strong cell reinforcement, Oryzanol.