Poila or Pohela Boishakh also known as the Bengali New Year is celebrated every year with lots of fun, cultural festivals, new clothes, and much more but among everything, the most happening thing in the Bengali New Year is the wholesome food that goes as far as the country of Bangladesh as they declare a Public Holiday in the Bengali New Year. From the early morning, People exchange heartfelt greetings stating “Shubho Noboborsho”  and also attend several processions with much to look forward to.

Let us enlighten you with the fact that though the country has got divided, the heart for nostalgic food has brought everyone together. Bengalis have a rich heritage and culture and the same goes with the Bengali recipes.

1. Muri Ghonto

Muri ghonto special recipe in West Bengal

If you are a Bengali and haven’t tried this signature Bengali dish then your individuality can be doubtful. Muri Ghonto is a delicious fish-related dish cooked with rice and potato chunks, where the muri stands as the head of the fish. This alone can satisfy your quench with steamed rice for lunch. Make sure you cater to the most suitable fish like Rehu, Rui, or Katla. 

The rice bran edible oil is excellent for deep frying and shallow frying without disturbing the taste of the fish. Since rice is a staple food of Bengal then why not cook it in a way that would make it the most nostalgic dish as this too would savor the dish at the wedding ceremony.

Muri Ghonto takes about 45 minutes to cook. Muri ghonto can also be prepared as a vegetarian dish.

To begin with, make sure to wash the head of the fish thoroughly and cut it into two halves and keep rubbing some turmeric powder and salt. Keep the washed rice aside and Cut Potatoes into small cubes; Chop Onion finely and make tomato puree. Take the rice bran oil and use it for frying the fish at a medium flame till it turns brown. Fry the potatoes in the same high smoke oil and keep them aside after the fish has been cooked. Pour some Red Chilies, Bay leaves, and Cumin seeds, and add chopped onions. Break the fish’s head and spread it into the frying pan with potatoes and rice and cook it well till the rice and everything takes over the color. Cover the lid after pouring at least 2 cups of water and later complete the recipe by adding ghee and garam masala.

2. Dhokar Dalna

Dhokar dalna special bengali recipe in bengali new year

Dhokar Dalna is another authentic Bengali dish that one can enjoy during the Bengali new year festival. The term “dhoka” gives you the impression of betrayal and it’s true because the recipe gives you a similar juicy and meaty satisfaction of a non-veg recipe although it is a completely vegetarian dish.

Although the dish is pretty interesting, the preparation takes time. Wash and soak the chana dal overnight and then keep it with ginger, chili, and salt for taste requirements. Heat the rice bran oil in the pan and just fry until it’s solid enough for the moisture to dry off. It looks best when you cut them into diamond-like pieces in golden brown color. Fry the potatoes separately and make a subtle mixture of everything.

3. Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto, bengali recipe special in bengali new year

Aloo Posto is a popular dish in West Bengal which is actually cooked with spiced potatoes alongside poppy seeds and spiced chilies best enjoyed with steamed rice. Posto bata makes food so much tastier, especially in the early summer days as it is a light food easily digestible and best suited for summer. When the Bengali New Year appears the posto becomes a signature dish. To begin with, just roast some of the poppy seeds for about a minute or two. Followed by, grinding the roasted poppy seeds and green chilies into a paste with some amount of water. The potatoes need to be deep-fried with the help of the rice bran oil till they turn golden brown in color. Now comes the usage of spices that would complete the Bengali recipes, like the cumin seeds, slight turmeric, dried chili powder and that’s all. You ought to take a frying pan and use about one and a half tablespoons of rice bran edible oil. Stir them well enough to be unbreakable and eventually add about the portion of the poppy seeds and fry all of them again for a while. Cook it for a while and dash out the entire thing with a cup of water and let it cook. The amount of gravy will depend upon your choice. Aloo Posto is a comfort dish best enjoyed with Kolar daal or biulir daal with a light soup-like texture.

4. Raw Mango Chutney

Raw mango chutney, a famous bengali recipe in summer

The Bengali recipes are baseless if you do not add the raw mango chutney to your wishlist. This sweet, tangy chutney is not only excellent when it comes to taste but is also good for health, especially during the heatwaves of summer. Therefore this is a seasonal recipe quite interesting to prepare. It needs a pinch of panch phoron to enhance the aromatic flavor. To begin with, you need to make rice bran oil and heat them in a pan, and temper it with a spoon full of mustard seeds and red chili. Eventually, as soon as it stops spluttering, you need to add the green mango slices with salt and turmeric powder and try to saute them till it turns somewhat light brown in color. The next step follows adding some amount of water and sugar to help the mangoes go warm. When it is done please sprinkle the panch phoron and keep the consistency of the water and sweetness raw.

5. Cholar Dal

Cholar dal bengali recipe in bengali new year

One of Bengal’s most famous daals, this dish is made with chana dal as the primary ingredient. With its slightly sweet and spicy taste, the dal is perfect to eat with rice or Luchis. The addition of delectable spices like coconut bits, bay leaves, and cinnamon advances the taste manifold. Although one may get a lot of gourmet related dishes, the real preference of Bengali recipes is in the simple dishes composed by the common householders of Bengal.

The roots are tied to the authenticity of the culture and therefore we have come forward to help you prepare the most luscious and finger-licking food which knows no bond with Jeevan Rekha’s rice bran oil, as mustard oil might create indigestion, heart, and restlessness whereas the rice bran edible oil will not only make you feel light but is also regarded as the best edible oil in the world.

Wishing all my Bengali and Bangladeshi friends from across the country “ Shubho Noboborsho”. May this new year bring you new hope and aspirations that will enlighten you for many years to come.