After the surge of the devastating pandemic in the year 2021, India faced the worst fiscal decline in several years. The chaos led to the biggest migrant crisis with no money and no possibility of jobs; to be honest, up to this day no exact data is available as to how many factory workers, farmers, laborers lost their jobs. Likewise, the GDP crashed and every sector suffered a huge loss be it the tourism sector, hospitality sector, and the food sector. Both are complementary to one another and were poorly undone!

However, the hunger problem was quite atrocious and the food sector along with other sectors, following the norms of lockdown and social distancing was forced to expand the prices of the commodities, making the scenario even adversest. Imagine a country whose GDP has no backup. How can it avail for a more successful price agreement? Therefore, the government initiated rice bran oil as the only substitute for the majority of Indians for culinary activities!

Rice bran oil like Jeevan Rekha, as we all know is the most preferred edible oil by Asians, was a smart alternative in comparison to other oils for a whole lot of reasons! With the inflation of the economy, the average prices of healthy oil in retail markets have risen by up to 52 percent ever since July compared to the last year, according to official data. This direct connection to the price of edible oil has affected the meat, fish, pulses vegetables as well as the salt and fuel prices!

Why has the government expanded the whereabouts of domestic rice bran oil?

The central government under the authority of Narendra Modi is doing its best to make the people aware of this oil also to counter the speeding price of the edible oil! As Indians, we have read from the very first grade that India is quite valuable in the production of paddy & rice counting to the second-largest producer as well as the largest exporter of rice going up to  120 million tons in FY 2020-21. 

The food minister does have a point because the magnanimous production of rice can definitely assist in the production of rice bran oil. This decision will not only enhance the production of this cooking oil in India but will also encourage the qualitative development of healthy oil. Our prime minister strives for ‘Vocal for Local’, and therefore to encourage this notion we must decline the usage of exported oil as much as we can as they not only keep us the grey shade of dependency but also manipulate the price of edible oil, keeping it high as much as they can!

Which states are in advantage to produce the rice bran oil?

The food corporation of India is quite willing to encourage the production of oil by educating the farmers belonging to West Bengal, Orissa, Telangana, Andhrapradesh, Madhyapradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, and Haryana, etc.  The farmers have agreed to comply with the plan of the FCI, to better the problematic situation of the country once and for all!

You may ask, “Why Rice Bran Oil”?

A.B Udyog Jeevan Rekha has the answer to every question that a consumer’s curious mind calls for! If you go through our previous blog articles then you’ll find a solid reason as to why you should go for this oil!

Let’s begin with the heart’s health, the high blood cholesterol is a resulting constituent that is causing a lot of intricacies especially with respect to the various kinds of coronary artery disease. It’s no wonder that a lot of people die every year because of a critical heart condition. To be honest, once your heart becomes the victim of any unrest then the whole bone  & neurotic system gets into dispute, if we open up a little more then,

  • Cancer
  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Preterm birth and low birth weight
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

After learning about these surprising factors, it’s better to return back to the question of 

Why rice bran oil is good for health? Based on one-factor things cannot be altered right? But we have multiple reasons to support the cause.

Let’s know the take of Jeevan Rekha rice bran oil, highlighting taste and cooking

In India, we have a multitude of such recipes. Be it the dry state with maximum vegetarian food or the gourmet who can’t swallow food without fish in India, our association with oily recipes is medically unhealthy, but who worries when special festivities knock on the door right?. Although, there is still one way through which we can correlate with such fried festive foods if less oil is absorbed in the end. The healthy oil is very light as a result it absorbs most of the oil. To be more specific the price of edible oil is very convenient with the advantage that it consumes almost 20% less oil. The minimal absorption of oil makes the oil healthy and utterly economical!

How is it produced?

The edible oil follows a very clean and strict process of production, especially at our factory where the extraction takes place starting from the outer bran of rice grains, otherwise known as the husk or chaff. The most qualitative advantage is that this oil is extensively used with respect to its high smoking point! We take special care about the process under which it is made till it reaches your respective houses! 

In India, the production of mustard oil and palm oil is held at the maximum price! People have gotten used to the taste of the oil simply because it adds a special flavor to the entire thing in making! But what people are unaware of is the fact that the oil extracted from rice chaffs is used for preparing the food at a high smoking point and food at a normal smoking point as well without bringing any alteration to the taste of the recipes! In other words, it enhances the taste of the dishes!

Therefore, this oil is good for energy and fitness & is full of nutritious privileges. Be it your obesity, your blood sugar level, everything is following an ultimate control.

The Future of Rice Bran oil is safe in India

The production of this healthy oil is guaranteed to increase in the upcoming years. The price of edible oil will entirely depend upon the major duty cuts of the imports. According to important sources, The central government has also urged state governments to control the unnecessary hoarding and impose stock limits on cooking oil and oilseeds if necessary for price fall!