Rice Bran Oil is the most sought-after edible oil in the world and India is no exception in seeking progress in bringing home the rice bran oil. Rice bran oil has claimed popularity in Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, etc. Although Japan is quite ahead in taking care of themselves with regular health checkups and a proper diet altogether. It is through the media and various food corporation sectors that have made people aware of the need for Rice Bran Oil. Similarly, now the Indian government has decided on the same, making everyone aware of edible oil to the extent possible. However, owing to the extreme population of India things might not be as effortless in comparison. 

The central government under the authority of Narendra Modi is doing its best to make the people aware of this oil and also to counter the speeding price of the edible oil! As Indians, we have read from the very first grade that India is quite valuable in the production of paddy & rice counting as the second-largest producer as well as the largest exporter of rice going up to 120 million tons in FY 2020-21.  

Rice bran is a byproduct of rice milling that has historically been used as livestock and poultry feed. A number of oil mills have begun experimenting with extracting rice oil in the past few years. Rice oil has been gaining popularity among health-conscious consumers, but historically it has been more expensive than competing oils. Rice bran oil accounts for a small portion of overall vegetable oil consumption in India but is one of the fastest-growing among edible oils, industry officials say, and production and imports are set to increase to meet the demand.

Post-Covid: World & India 

After the covid lockdown and the onset of the third world war between Russia and Ukraine. According to recent updates. Recent rises in global edible oil prices, driven by Indonesia’s restrictions on palm oil exports and disruptions in sunflower oil shipments from Ukraine, have wiped out rice bran oil’s premium over competing oils. This news truly triggered a surge in an ultimatum for rice bran oil which has comparable taste belongings to sunflower oil. 

As a result, we can say the production of this healthy oil is guaranteed to increase in the upcoming years. The price of edible oil will entirely depend upon the major duty cuts of the imports. According to some important sources, The central government has also urged state governments to control the unnecessary hoarding and impose stock limits on cooking oil and oilseeds if necessary for price fall! 

How Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil is making the Difference?

A.B Udyog Jeevan Rekha has the solution to each scrutinize that a purchaser’s interesting brain calls for! In the event that you go through our past blog articles, you’ll track down a strong explanation with respect to why you ought to go for this oil!

We should start with the heart’s well-being, the high blood cholesterol is a subsequent constituent that is causing a ton of complexities, particularly concerning the different sorts of coronary conduit sickness. It’s no big surprise that many individuals bite the dust consistently in light of a basic heart condition. Frankly, when your heart turns into the survivor of any turmoil then the entire bone and hypochondriac framework gets into question, in the event that we open up somewhat more,

Let’s focus on the Diseases

1. Hemorrhagic stroke

2.  Low birth weight

3. Low Cholesterol

4. Neurological issues

In the wake of finding out about these astounding elements, it’s smarter to get once again to the subject of using rice bran oil. Why rice wheat oil is really great for well-being? In view of one-factor things can’t be modified right? In any case, we have different motivations to help the reason.

Some Facts about the Rice Bran Owing to the rising demand according to the Economics Times 

1. Ricela plans to increase oil refining capacity to 750 tonnes per day in the next two months from 600 tons, Goyal said.

2. The price of rice bran has increased from 30,000 rupees to 36,000 rupees per tonne compared to the price of paddy, which is milled for rice extraction. 

3. However, a shortage of oil processors in all rice milling regions is a key constraint on bran oil production, since rice bran must be processed into oil within 48 hours of being separated from the chaff in order to be fit for human consumption.


To conclude, the rice bran oil of Jeevan Rekha is a cutlery oil similar to any other edible oil however the taste makes an inch of difference and so do the qualities that the edible oil carries. This nutritious edible is quite progressive in Vitamin content, as a result, it sustains the immune system completely and is very elevated towards helping a person recharge himself and also executing the defense mechanism in fighting against the virus, bacteria, etc. Food cooked in this oil consumes a minimal amount of oil, lasting up to 20%, ensuring a durable product for years to come.