It’s easy to consume something that directly touches our taste buds and satisfies our appetite. Now imagine a bunch of warm, brown Gulab Jamun that just melts your entire being in your mouth. You would not even think twice before consuming such a savory dish. We yet cannot say the same for cooking oil, this is the reason that a lot of people in India just don’t care about the supremacy of their health and involve themselves in educating themselves to be aware of their bodily problems.

Oil falls into the first set of options when it comes to taking care of the body from scratch. The majority of us have grown up consuming more or less mustard oil. This has however been the most speculative oil that reigned the Indian cuisines without even competition. Likewise, the thought of using rice bran oil is a lost story.

What in fact happened, has caused the intensity of Indian youth to become more and more aware of their edible necessities. Now, the situation become more protective after the pandemic. This article is all about how in fact rice bran oil became the future of edible oil. 

The Monopoly of Zero Competition Oil in India

India is a huge country and the need for consuming food is also in abundance likewise we are just going to keep up with everything that is served before us? Well, that’s a question that we need to ask ourselves a great deal. Mustard oil has truly reigned in the domestic household of several Indian families. Mustard oil is extremely popular in countries like India, Thailand, and even China due to its high consumption capacity. With regard to this the price of growing as well as selling the mustard seeds and turning them into mustard oil skyrocketed. In fact every year we find the price hike getting bigger and bigger but the fun fact is that people are still buying them, without realizing the fact that there are other options, in fact, better options that can be applied. Things got even worse when the pandemic came into existence and many people just couldn’t afford for a daily meal let alone buy edible oil.

How Indians Questioned their Quality of Edible Oil 

But eventually, as people became more and more aware of their health and everything they started to ask questions about how much they can actually rely on this edible oil and the answer was not all that simple. As the companies were compelled to answer the questions that they never thought would occur to them. To start from scratch, “Dalda was the first big name that came into existence and it lost its monopoly as it was only a product that imitated desi ghee and desi oil and was harmful to health, later the competition became indispensable with the other clear oils. The mustard oil surrounded the market, provided that it was costly and pure and the majority of the householders could not afford it. 

Later the oil manufacturers came up with a clever idea of blending the oil and giving it the flashy name “Refined oil”. There was, unfortunately, nothing refined in that cooking oil, it was just a smart way of selling the cooking oil at a cheaper rate and keeping the public happy without thinking much about their health. The nutritionist experts warned everyone that the blending of vegetable oil is only going to be more trouble if not anything else. 

  1. Adversely affected the mustard farming
  2. Increased our dependency on imported oil. 
  3. Lost the trust of Indian consumers 
  4. Showed the true face of the capitalist Indian food manufacturers

All these factors and many more contributed to the making of the great edible oils that were pure, organic, and hundred percent approved. Thus rose the incomparable Rice bran oil. Now, even the World Health Organization has given them a thumbs up and recognized it to be the best edible oil in the world. But we are not the first ones to use rice bran oil, even though we are from Asia itself. Japan, the ikigai, or the country with the highest life expectancy was the first one to use it.

Why Rice Bran Oil and How Did People Start Using it

Rice Bran Oil is in fact not something new in India but it actually came into existence a long time ago. It was available in a blended form, and the real advantages of rice bran physically refined oil were hidden in the blended form when the refined and vegetable oils were presented in a blended form.  

After the torturous pandemic days, the price hike in a lot of places caused problems. In addition to that, there was no point in depending upon the imported edible oil that is not only costly but also provides a red flag to the Indian brand and thus denies the concept of Vocal for Local.

Advantages of Consuming the Rice Bran Oil 

Rice bran cooking oil has several advantages with respect to India. Rice bran is the byproduct of rice farming and is the most underutilized product in the world. Similarly, people in the food agriculture industry ignored the oil. The oil derived from the bran is often used primarily as soap stock because of the high free fatty acid levels of rice bran that is not stabilized immediately after milling.  

1. Rice Bran oil is good for the Cardiovascular Health

The heart’s health is extremely weak and for this very reason, many young people are falling victim to heart failure, sudden chest pain, irritation, and early symptoms of a heart attack. Even in countries like Japan, rice bran oil was given the ultimate preference due to its potential to put a hold on rice bran oil. The presence of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats has the potential to drive away from heart ailments whereas the use of mustard oil is comparatively unsuitable for the heart due to the presence of the erucic acid which if consumed on regular terms continuously is dangerous.

2. Rice Bran oil is good for the Good Cholesterol 

Cholesterol is another serious problem that has grasped almost 77% of Indians. Let’s face it most of Indians are ignorant of their failing health and don’t undergo medical checkups till something serious hits them. Therefore, rice bran oil does an excellent job of decreasing the LDL or bad cholesterol by 7% whereas HDL or good cholesterol remains unchanged.

3. Good for Diabetes 

Since the rice bran cooking oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and a component called oryzanol is found in rice bran physically refined oil, which lowers cholesterol levels in the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties and hence is good for diabetics. This factor is quite rare in edible oils. 

After the World Health Organization claimed that rice bran is the best edible oil in the world, the agricultural department of India took a turn as. India is a maximum producer of rice and paddy crops. Therefore, to support the structure the government motivated the Indian oil manufacturers like one of us i.e AB Udyog Pvt Ltd in the production of Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil.