A yummy french fry is one of the most delectable backups to any feast. New barbecued burger and French fries, that’s all to it? Fries as an afterthought with salsa for dipping! Indeed the flexible and — might we venture to state inevitable french fry has a spot anyplace anytime, especially at your home table. Making them isn’t so straightforward as tossing a few potatoes in some oil although it seems like that from the outside. 

Obviously, making homemade french fries without any preparation isn’t as straightforward as tossing a few frozen potatoes in cooking oil. Yet a really commendable custom-made french fry takes a little preparation and some cautious temperature control with the assistance of Rice Bran Oil. As a matter of fact, we here at Jeevan Rekha will spend the following couple of monsoon blogs investigating the warm secrets behind firm outside, soft inside, and ideal homemade french fries at home.

Always Remember 

  1. At the point when we need french fries, especially hand home-made ones, we need them brilliant and wonderful. That is the reason the rinsing step is significant. We realize potatoes are loaded with starch yet they are likewise brimming with normal sugars. Starches are, truth be told, made out of chains of basic sugars. As we cut the potatoes into sticks, we discharge a portion of those sugars onto the surfaces of the potato strips. If we somehow managed to broil them without first washing them, the sugars outwardly would caramelize in the hot Rice bran oil and consume before the inside starches have gotten an opportunity to cook appropriately, which can bring about brown, harsh tasting, and hideous french fries.
  1. A half-hour absorbs cold water, with periodic turmoil, will wash away surface sugars, giving us an opportunity to appropriately cook the potatoes before the external starts to burn.
  1. By twofold broiling, we give the starches time to expand and burst prior to caramelizing the outside with higher intensity. The abrupt extension of steam inside the potatoes in hot, hot oil will ease within and freshen beyond our homemade french fry.
  2. At the point when you channel the washing water from the potato sticks, you’ll see some potato starch choosing the lower part of the bowl. Washing the sugars off has likewise flushed off a fair plan of surface starch, and as we’ve proactively examined, surface starch is vital for a fresh, effervescent completed item.

Safety while preparing the French fries at home

On the off chance that you have a deep fryer at home, adhere to the safety guidelines for its utilization. on the off chance that you are broiling on a burner, be mindful so as to not pack your boiling pot with rice bran cooking oil. At the point when fries are added, not exclusively will they occupy the room, raising the cooking oil level, yet the air pockets of steam that will come from the homemade French fries will raise it much further. On the off chance that there is an excess of rice bran cooking oil in the pot, it will run up over the edges of the pot and down into the fire of your oven, making a fireball in your kitchen.

Add the rice bran oil to a profound pot, yet fill it with something like half full. For the most part, the walls of the boiling pot ought to climb no less than 10 cm/4 in over the oil with the goal that there are no overflows. This additionally contains splattering and makes cleanup simpler. Utilize sufficient rice bran oil with the goal that you can submerge the fries completely.

Necessary Ingredients to prepare the Homemade french fry recipe

  1. 2 ½ lb Pahadi or Mealy potatoes
  2. 6 cups of Jeevan Rekha’s Rice Bran edible oil
  3. Salt
  4. Parmesan cheese
  5. Optional seasonings like minced garlic, garlic salt, cumin, oregano, chili powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper.

Let Us Begin

1. Square off potatoes and cut them into ¼ french fries. This size is important for proper cooking in this method.

2. Put the fries in a large boiling pot with the room-temp oil with a high smoking point.

3. Turn on heat to high temperature.

4. After about 5 minutes, the cooking oil will have come to a rolling boil. Once the oil reached a rolling boil, set your clock for 15 minutes and let the fries cook undisturbed.

5. Allow the fries to cook for another 10 minutes or so, until they are golden and crisp. Spot check your oil periodically with a kitchen thermometer to make sure that the oil isn’t getting too sizzling. Remember, that It should never get above 280°F (138°C). If it does, lower your heat.

6. Once the fries are crispy, empty them on paper towels, and salt, season them with mayo sauce and parmesan cheese, and serve hot immediately.

There you have it, the most effortless homemade french fries ever! These fries have a light, almost tempura(Japanese seafood) like crispness that is easy to attain. Just remember to use the Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil and keep an accurate eye on the oil temperature and a time to get that crusty french fries ever!