This is the most considerate cooking oil when it comes to cooking. In India, we have been using mustard oil for centuries and things have changed ever since then and various types of edible oil have come so far into existence. But selecting among the best is not an easy task, we have to consider a lot of things before selecting culinary oil. If you want to achieve your desired nutritional value then the satisfaction should be top-rated in addition to the aroma, texture & flavor. 

Not many people know about rice bran oil as they are often confused about the fact that how the oil is produced. Most Indians know about the production of sunflower oil and mustard oil as they are used in food and environment-related television programs. People’s awareness is also scattered through the huge green fields of mustard plants and as for rice or the paddy fields, it’s the staple diet of the country. Here we are, going to share the details about the production of the rice bran oil with Jeevan Rekha.

The Production Process of Rice Bran Oil

The production of the oil is a unique process that is extracted from the outer layer of the rice which is called Rice Bran Oil. This oil has been secured to have cholesterol-lowering properties and heart-recovery properties due to the presence of nutraceuticals in this oil with the oryzanol & tocotrienols. 

The method of producing the crude rice bran cooking oil is essentially composed of glycerides (80%) in addition to the phospholipids, glycolipids, free fatty acids, and waxes are also present in less quantity. This edible oil is widely used as a gifted culinary oil in several Asian countries like Japan, Southern Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand etc.

Let us begin to tell you about the production of Rice Bran Culinary Oil in simpler terms.

  1. To begin with, things start after removing the husk of the rice grain, resulting in the production of the brown rice grain. Eventually, the brown bran layer which is further produced is used for the removal of the rice germs which leaves behind a white rice grain.
  2. Rice bran is extracted from the bran and the rigid layers of the rice bran. Going further the rice bran is refined and filtered into a clear liquid.
  3. The pure liquid which is formed is extra cold filtered for maximum pristine output. Later the hard portion is cleaned to make Rice Bran Oil spread.
  4. Many would say that rice bran cooking oil is just the byproduct of the rice milling process, that may be true but that’s not all. In Fact the process is all that counts and is also vital for the consumer’s understanding and awareness.

This was a basic input of the extraction process of the oil. As for Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil, our paddy and rice plants are transported from the eastern part of the country. The quality of the rice plants is quite high and healthy. As you know that the Eastern part of the country is particularly green with lush vegetation. 

Secondly, the new solvent extraction process is essential for the pure extraction of edible oil. The solvent extraction process is carried out worldwide to extract the organic substance out of the material. You should know that there are two ways to extract the rice bran oil respectively:

  1. Mechanical Method with the help of an oil presser
  2. The chemical method by Solvent Extraction 

We have chosen the solvent extraction method as it is more convenient and safe for our consumers. The rice bran dietary oil as a result of the solvent extraction becomes extremely stabilized. Further, producing high-quality crude rice bran culinary oil and kind of defatted oil.

The physical refining of the oil is carried out to keep pace with the oryzanol and it should remain in the refined oil no matter what. You might ask about the whereabouts of the term known as ‘oryzanol’. This process helps in the reduction of impurities. 

Likewise, the pure form of the oil is packed under a sanitization process into bottles, tins, etc in different volumes and sizes which would be economically adequate for everyone!

Let’s go through some of the rich features of the Rice Bran Oil

  1. Rice Bran cooking Oil has several features and is considered the best for a number of reasons like it has the most legit fat composition. 
  1. Rice bran cooking oil is excellent for people who have an intolerance for other edible oil and go through Bulimia and other unsettling issues related to bad digestion.
  1. Rice Bran Cooking Oil has a very great smoke or burning point which makes it a commendable choice for making perfect for deep frying, pan, or stir-frying.
  1. Another unique property of the rice bran edible oil is that it absorbs less oil and therefore, the slimy feeling of oil won’t actually bother you. Usually, with mustard oil or white oil, we often observe an extra layer of oil disturbingly resisting to let go of our plates and hands leaving a rigid stain.
  1. This less absorbing feature also enhances the taste and potential of the recipe that you would be cooking.
  1. Other than this the rice bran culinary oil is a good source of antioxidants that can be important on pandemic days for immunity and inner physical strength.
  1. Rice bran cooking oil in comparison to the other oils has a longer shelf life and is completely safe for preparing almost anything.
  1. Rice bran culinary oil is profoundly recommended for curing good cholesterol and removing bad cholesterol which is quite important for cardiovascular health. 

Rice bran dietary oil is the oldest known cooking oil in the world. We can also talk about the rising inflation of cooking oil is seriously damaging the health of the householders, since a larger share of the monthly budget is spent on cooking, vegetables, and groceries. Inflation should stand by some tolerance but because of the pandemic and economic crisis, things are not going to change anytime soon so even the government is trying to promote the production of rice bran cooking oil.