While growing up we all have gone through this beautiful time when we witnessed a sailor growing even stronger after consuming a can full of spinach! It was Popeye the Sailor Man, remember?  However, no matter how much we encourage our children to consume spinach they won’t have it in the form of a Shaak recipe which is also known as the herb recipe. Even adults would avoid the spinach herb recipe and have them only as their last choice!

But, to be honest ever since people have become too specific about their health and diet the consumption of the various types of herb-related recipes has actually worked up well! As health enthusiasts, we might state that spinach has many advantages such as preventing cancer, reducing blood sugar, aiding in good bone health, aiding in weight loss, hypertension, being good for the eyes, having anti-inflammatory properties and so much more. A bulk of these amazing benefits will eventually assist everyone if they consume it with the right kind of edible oil. 

The nutritionists suggest Jeevan Rekha Rice Bran Oil as the best edible oil in the world. Therefore, we would suggest that a tasty palak paneer recipe with the right kind of cooking oil will take us far. Now Spinach or Palak has a number of mouth-savory vegetarian spinach recipes in India like Spinach Kabab, Aaloo Palak, Palak Paratha, Palak Mushroom. But the tastiest among all the others is the Palak Paneer recipe.

Since Paneer is the elixir of Vegetarians and is equally liked by Non-vegetarians let’s address 4 astounding tips to prepare the most savory green herb recipe with Jeevan Rekha’s rice bran oil.

1. Most Succulent Recipe of India

Palak Paneer is the most remarkable recipe in India. Paneer is soft, creamy, and cheesy which makes it all the more delicious. Therefore if you are at the peak of preparation then you should go for soft sliced cubes of Paneer and not the frozen pieces. The frozen paneer would not complement the recipe nor would it support the frying part as you’ll light saute the paneer cubes. The frozen paneer will definitely consist of some of the more preservatives which might be harmful to health. Although you can prepare the dish in various ways such as the charcoal method, the homemade version, or the restaurant style palak paneer. 

The home-styled paneer is a recipe full of green curry-like flavor that has been passed down from one generation to another. Some of you might get confused between the shaak paneer and the palak paneer; these two are separate recipes with totally different preferences.

2. Use Fresh & Pure Spinach 

Any recipe without the use of fresh vegetables is not worth tasting all the while. Start with a stainer and cut the spinach into little curbs. After washing the palak, you must rinse the palak a great deal to erase all kinds of impurities existing. The next step is to boil the water in a pan or bowl. Add a pinch of salt based on the size of the bowl and then stir the water for a little more. After a minute or so add the spinach leaves to the bowl and boil it a lot more. After a while transfer the spinach to the ice-cold water and you will witness the difference. 

Use a grinder to make a paste of the spinach along with the additional ginger, clove, garlic, and pepper. When you will prepare the paste cum puree then remember not to add any amount of water. Remember that the blanching part is extremely important otherwise the entire effort will go in vain as the spinach’s puree will start tasting bitter. It is due to the presence of oxalic acid that the bitter taste is available. In any case, if the spinach is still persistent to remain bitter then whipped cream should cover it greatly. The older the spinach gets the stranger the taste becomes therefore, make sure to use the baby spinach plants which are tender and fresh.

3. The Green Gravy of Palak or Spinach

Preparing the spinach gravy, with a few tablespoons of butter, ghee, and rice bran oil. Melt everything on a low flame, with cumin seeds, tej leaves, and add some chopped onions for frying. Make sure you fry it out soon enough till it turns into a golden brown color after light saute. Follow by adding chopped garlic and tomato slices over the edible oil and fry it again after stirring it a bit more. The spices must be ready like turmeric powder, chili powder, asafoetida, paprika, etc.  Without wasting another minute add the spinach puree into the gravy. Mix the solution well and add water according to your need based on the thickness of the solution!

4. The Final Representation of Palak Paneer 

It’s all about stirring the solution again and again till it turns out to be thick and then spilling the paneer cubes all fresh and soft. Mix it gently so that it doesn’t break and add some greek Fenugreek seeds and whipping cream to make it more wholesome and tasty. Stir it ever so gently as the final serving aura has started to catch up. You can now have this easy recipe with Indian bread such as hot roti, paratha, Laccha Pratha, or cumin rice. The only difference in preparation falls slightly on the presentation of paneer; you can slightly fry it with the edible oil and pour it over the spinach curry for a slight garnishing purpose. 

However, a lot of people are turning into veganism and they are against the use of dairy-related products. There is a hope of luck for them as they too can prepare a tasty palak paneer recipe with the help of non-dairy tofu which is available in supermarkets etc. Tofu is a safe alternative for paneer and you can use it without any worries and the potential of the rice bran oil will make it the most nostalgic recipe of India.